How African Black Soap Can Help Clear Skin

With its impressive list of benefits, all natural ingredients, and celebrity fan club made up of the likes of Jourdan Dunn, Zendaya, and Beyonce all singing its praises, African Black Soap has rocketed in popularity over the recent years. It is one of the most powerful natural soaps, repeatedly proven to improve skin health and fight acne! The makeup of the soap depends on the region it is made, but it traditionally consists of the ash of harvested sun-dried African fruits and plants such as plantains, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves and shea tree bark. Oils and water like coconut and shea are then mixed in to give the soap added moisturising properties.

But how exactly can it help my skin?

1) For Acne Prone Skin

African Black Soap contains natural antibacterial properties, providing your skin with a deep cleansing properties. A study showed that this powerful natural cleanser may even remove more bacteria than cleansers such as Dettol. However, despite its strength, the soap is still 100% natural and gentle enough to use on the hands, face, and body.

2) For dry/sensitive skin

Authentic African Black soap is traditionally free from additives commonly used in soaps which can irritate sensitive skin like dyes and fragrances.
Dry skin is accommodated through ingredients such as plantain skins and leaves, which have a high concentration of vitamin E. One of the many benefits of vitamin E is that it helps to moisturise the skin while also improving texture and tone.
Soaps that contain added shea or cocoa butter are particularly effective for the same reason, they both contain vitamin E which in turn helps the skin improve elasticity and retain moisture while providing a subtle natural glow.

2) For oily/combination skin

This soap aids oily skin in two ways. It is deeply cleansing, so is able to deeply clean pores and toxins from the skin. Many (including Kokoa African Black Soap) contain Shea Butter, which is an oil balancing moisturiser. Balancing oils are essential in combating oily skin!

3) Helps improve skin appearance and texture

Antioxidants found in black soap can also protect your skin from photoaging. These antioxidants protect the skin from free radical damage, which is a cause of wrinkles, facial lines and skin ageing. It may also help hyperpigmentation, as this is usually caused by acne scarring and sun damage.

4) May help minimise the appearance of scars, razor burn, and stretch marks.

The exfoliating and moisturising properties within the soap can help to prevent the bumps which cause razor burn, by removing dead skin cells before they can clog your hair follicles. Vitamin E and added shea butter content within the soap may help to reduce the redness of stretch marks and other scars.

To achieve these benefits, make sure you are using African Black Soap correctly:

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