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Kokoa Chats With... Coorie Curls!

Welcome to the first instalment of 'Kokoa Chats With...'! In this series we'll be talking to some of the most exciting small businesses, influencers, activists, and more. 
This week we're talking to fabulous and flourishing small business Coorie Curls!
Kokoa: Tell us about Coorie Curls!
Coorie Curls: Coorie Curls is a brand designed to be caring towards both curls and animals. We show that there are wonderful vegan alternatives to the silk products recommended by curly hair enthusiasts all over the world. Since beginning, we have developed a range of handmade, vegan hair-care products made from polyester satin, designed to protect hair from breakage and split ends, reduce frizz and dehydration and not disturb curl patterns.  All of our vegan satin products are handmade in the UK by our small team of seamstresses.

K: When did you start your brand? 

CC: I started Coorie Curls in the Spring of 2018 when I was really struggling to find vegan alternatives to silk for my own curly hair. I wanted products which were made well and made to last so I was not contributing to fast fashion. I got lots of interest in the products I sewed for myself and so Coorie Curls was born!


K: What is your favourite Coorie Curls product?

CC: My favourite Coorie Curls product would have to be the classic large vegan satin scrunchie in Black. It's so versatile and can go from day to night in a way I never thought a scrunchie could!


K: What is one weird random fact about you? 

CC: A random fact about me is that I used to be a professional contemporary dancer and now work part time as a caseworker for refugees and asylum seekers alongside Coorie Curls.


K: What is your favourite film?

CC: I have so many favourite films it's very hard to choose but I might have to go with Dirty Dancing!


K:  What is your favourite part of your job? 

CC: My favourite part of running Coorie Curls is knowing I have autonomy to make the business whatever I think it should be. I love having the freedom to implement changes I feel are important such as when we changed to recycled, plastic free and recyclable packaging last year.


K: If you were going to a desert island and could take only one skincare product what would it be?  

CC: Given how easily my Scottish skin burns, I think I would have to take my BYBI Day Defence SPF 30 Moisturiser!


K: What are your future goals for the brand?

CC: My future goals for Coorie Curls is to inspire as many people as possible to seek vegan alternatives to silk, at the same time as launching exciting new products and keeping sustainability at the forefront of the business. 



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