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What is a comedogenic rating? 

You might have never heard of comedogenic rating before, but when it comes to looking after your skin- especially if your skin is acne-prone- understanding the comedogenic scale can be super helpful. 

So, what does comedogenic mean?

The word comedogenic means the tendency to block pores, a comedogenic rating tells you the likelihood of clogging your pores and encouraging the formation of blackheads and acne. The higher the rating, the higher the chance. 

What do the ratings mean? 

Comedogenic ratings operate on a handy scale that ranges from 0-5, with ratings of 0-2 being classed as non-comedogenic, and 3-5 classed as comedogenic. In a nutshell; the higher the number, the higher the risk of pore-clogging. We’ve put all of this in a handy scale you can check out below!

How do I find out an ingredient's comedogenic rating?

While some products are clear to state their non-comedogenic status, others are not so obvious when it comes to their ingredient’s comedogenic rating, but we have a handy chart for you to view here!



Because everyone's skin is different, an ingredient’s comedogenic rating isn't the be-all and end-all. It's also important to remember that an ingredient's comedogenic effect can depend on what percentage is in a product - Comedogenic ingredients do not make a comedogenic product!

If you want to use a product but not sure how its comedogenic ingredients will affect your skin, the best way to check is to do a patch test. But, if you know your skin is highly acne-prone it's recommended to avoid products with any more than 2 highly comedogenic ingredients (that's ingredients with a rating of 4-5).

As an example, our Natural Shea Butter-Based Moisturisers have a comedogenic rating of 0, this makes this moisturiser suitable for all skin types as it is hydrating without clogging pores!

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