With no more than eight 100% natural ingredients in each product, we give you the tools to rid your skin of impurities, toxins & harsh chemicals to revitalise your skin naturally & effectively.

For clearer, smoother, brighter and firmer skin!

By cutting out all damaging chemicals and harnessing the finest natural and organic ingredients, we have created a wondrous detoxifying product that delivers optimal skincare results! 

Known to aid with:
* Acne
* Eczema
* Scarring 
* Rough skin
* Pigmentation

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30 Day Natural Skincare Detox

KOKOA'S 30 DAY DETOX Kick your skin into gear! Our latest fabulous set aims to tackle a range of skincare problems head on! With no more than eight 100% natural ingredients in...

Traditional African Black Soap

DescriptionNatural Cleansing at its finest! Sourced directly from Ghana and made in the traditional fashion, with nothing added to its original formula. With 100% natural ingredients & natural Vitamin E containing oil for...

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Organic Rosewater & Glycerin Facial Spritz

Rosewater is an amazing, multiuse skincare element! It has mild antibacterial, astringent and antioxidant properties which help to cleanse, tighten, strengthen and regenerate skin tissues! Glycerin helps skin retain moisture. How to...

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Kokoa's Charcoal & Clay Mask

Clay masks help to deeply cleanse the skin by absorbing toxins and draws out excess oils. They also help to tighten pores, skin and improve skin elasticity. How to use: Mix...

Kokoa's Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the most important aspects of your home skincare routine for face and body....