Jade Stone Gua Sha Facial Tool

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Jade Stone Gua Sha Facial Tool

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Treating yourself to a facial just got so much easier!

What is Gua Sha?

Practised for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, the Gua Sha tool (pronounced gwa sha) is used to sculpt, lift, and firm to reduce signs of ageing and reinvigorate your complexion. This carefully carved tool is shaped to align with the curvature of your face and neck, promoting blood circulation and stimulating a number of acupressure points. This Gua Sha tool is traditionally made from Jade (which in ancient China was valued more highly than gold!) a naturally cool stone, making it ideal for reducing puffiness and inflammation.


- Relieves muscle tension.

- Stimulates blood circulation, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

- Boosts lymphatic drainage to banish puffiness and bloating.

- Naturally contours the face, tightening and toning skin.

- Enables the skin to better absorb products.

How to use

Gently massage your favourite facial oil into the skin to provide a slick surface for the tool to travel along smoothly. Using a variation of light to medium pressure, stroke the tool over your skin following the contours of your face and moving upwards and outwards. Starting from the neck and moving upwards along the chin, cheeks, eyes and forehead, repeating each movement 3-5 times.



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