Kokoa's Squalane & Wild Orange Boosting Oil

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Kokoa's Squalane & Wild Orange Boosting Oil

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Our olive derived squalane is a wonder product! Similar to the skins own natural moisturiser "squalene", this hydrocarbon is packed with a whole list of benefits! Sourced from the finest olives, this oil is a MUST HAVE in your daily routine. 


* Collagen boosting & anti-aging properties
* Non-greasy
* It maintains skins elasticity which prevents signs of aging. 
* Is non-comedogenic so does not clog pores making it suitable for use on all skin types. 
* The texture is super-light, non-greasy and quickly sinks into the skin.
* Leaves skin plumper and firmer.
* Smooths and evens the surface of the skin.
* Our squalane has a dash of wild orange essential oil which brightens skin complexion!

Where does Squalane come from?

Our Squalane Oil is derived from Olives. 
Find out more about the history of Squalane here. 

Plastic Free

Plastic-Free screw cap option available!


99% Squalane, 1% Wild Orange Essential Oil

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