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Why we use Jasmine Oil

The Kokoa Way: We create effective products by using science as our foundation, and nature as our solution.

Jasmine Oil Overview

A 2008 study, investigated the antibacterial properties of jasmine essential oil. It has been proven to demonstrate both antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

Jasmine oil acts as an emollient to lock moisture into the skin. Emollients are especially important for people who struggle with dry skin, which can be caused by skin conditions such as eczema.

A 2010 study was conducted on the stimulating effect of Jasmine Oil when used in aromatherapy. The results demonstrated the stimulating/activating effect of jasmine oil and provide evidence for its relief of depression and uplifting mood. 

Jasmine Oil Profile


Derived from:  the white flowers of the common jasmine plant, also known as Jasminun officinale.

INCI: Jasminum officinale