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African Black Soap - is it really better than Dettol?

When using natural soaps and cleansers, one of the main concerns is effectiveness. 

Can this bar of natural ingredients really do a better job than name brand antibacterial soaps? 

And if so, can we get the same effective result without damaging toxins and chemicals?

With rising concerns regarding the spread of viruses, reports have been surfacing of people bathing in strong disinfectants in order to protect themselves from bacteria. Is this doing more harm than good? Can we naturally achieve the same level of microbe killing ability without exposing ourselves to dangerous and at times carcinogenic ingredients?

A 2016 scientific comparative study was carried out to answer this very question!
African Black soap was put to the test against 3 popular brands: Dettol, Dudu Osun, Zee and Tura. The study exposed four different bacteria to each of these soaps to test how each soap could inhibit bacteria. 

Firstly - What is African Black Soap?

African black soap is traditionally made in West Africa using the ash of bark, cocoa pod or plant leaves. This combined with oils and water creates a powerful, natural soap with amazing cleansing ability. 
"Black soap can be used on the hair, face and body. Black soap has anti-aging properties and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles for youthful, smooth skin. Dark spots and blemishes are evened out and the natural ingredients effectively cleanse and deodorize. Black soap does not contain specific antimicrobial ingredient, many people prefer this soap because it does not cause resistant bacteria growth. Black soap is also a natural source of vitamins A, E and irons which helps to strengthen the skin and hair."


Are all African Black Soaps the same?

Not all soaps are created equal! Although derived from Black Soap, Dudu Osun is not Authentic African Black soap and does not display the same properties ad Atuthentic African Black Soap. Find out how to spot Authentic African Black Soap here. As seen in the results of this study, Dudu Osun and Traditional African Black Soap even display different antibacterial effects.

The results.

The results revealed:

  • PLUS African black soap through this study can thus, be recommended for use since it has the potentials of treating skin diseases.

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Wow! There you have it.
Traditional African Black Soap - not only natural, packed with a number of skincare benefits, and highly effective - but it has been proved to kill bacteria more effectively than some of the biggest brands of antibacterial soap. 

Make sure you can spot the real deal!


The organisms isolated as skin microbiota were Staphylococcus aureus (30%), Staphylococcus epidermidis (26%), Corynebacterium spp (22%), Bacillus spp (16%) and Echerichia coli (6%). The results obtained revealed that the traditional black soap exhibited a high level of antimicrobial activities resulting in greater zones of inhibition (10.65) against other medicated soaps such as Dettol, Dudu Osun, Zee, and Tura that show the following zones of inhibition 7.58, 9.78, 10.57 and 9.29 respectively. Significant differences (p< 0.05) were also observed on the concentrations used. African black soap through this study can thus, be recommended for use since it has the potentials of treating skin diseases.

Read the full study here


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