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TREND ALERT: The Moisture Sandwich Technique!

TikTok has spearheaded many skincare trends over the past few months; from pimple icing, to face yoga, and dermaplaning. But the latest trend creeping onto the radar of the beauty world is the ‘moisture sandwich' technique.

What is the Moisture Sandwich technique?

To put it simply the moisture sandwich technique is the idea of applying skincare; namely moisturisers and serums onto damp skin! This method of layering skincare helps to trap moisture into the skin and reduce transepidermal water loss

Where did the technique come from?

This skincare technique seemingly has its origins in Korea, where the ‘3 second rule' exists. The three second rule stipulates that there is a window of three seconds after cleansing that women have to apply their first skincare product. Why? Waiting for no longer than three seconds makes sure your skin is still damp when you start your skincare routine, this is beneficial as damp skin is more receptive to skincare products.

What are the benefits of Moisture Sandwiching?

Damp skin is more permeable than dry skin, meaning you could achieve up to 10 times better absorption of your products if applied to damp skin. This helps products to reach their optimal effectiveness and hydrate and nourish skin on a deeper level, while reducing water loss to make sure skin is kept hydrated and soothed. But remember, when using layers of creams and/or serums, always make sure your products are non-comedogenic to avoid clogged pores and exacerbated breakouts.

So How Do I Do It

Firstly cleanse your face, we only want to be locking in moisture, not any dirt or bacteria. For a thorough and deep cleanse opt for double cleansing with an oil cleanser (like our Fresh Five Oil Cleanser) followed by a water based cleanse (like our Liquid African Black Soap!). Once your face is squeaky clean spray your face with one of our uber hydrating toners and get ready to lock in their goodness. Have our Day and Night Cream and Squalane Oil (or Night Time Repair Oil if you're ready for bed) to hand, ready to massage into your freshly misted (still damp) skin! For a super layered sandwich, add a spritz of facial mist or toner between every step.

Let us know what you think about moisture sandwiching - Is this a skincare trend to keep or chuck?

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