We are Kokoa UK!

Our mission is to create high-quality skincare products, handmade in the UK. We are:
* all natural
* vegan
* cruelty-free
We harness the power of nature to formulate an effective & radiant range for all. With core natural ingredients sourced from Ghana and exotic oils selected from around the world, our products are simple, high quality and effective.

                     MEET KOKOA

After suffering with sensitive skin from a young age, Kokoa spent years searching for quality products that did not irritate her skin.

Whilst studying at university, she spent her spare time mixing and testing natural ingredients in search of the perfect products. Since then, she has submerged herself into the world of natural skincare, creating a range of all natural, vegan and cruelty-free products. 

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We pledge 7% of our profits (annual net) to charity.

Mama Hope believes every human has the capacity to become a global leader — regardless of birth. Their mission is to support global entrepreneurship as a path to ending extreme poverty in the third world.