handmade small batch glass plastic conscious new free shipping  OUR STORY Having had sensitive skin, psoriasis & eczema from a young age, our founder 'Kokoa' always struggled with her skin. Many existing products were either overloaded with chemicals - flaring up her skin sensitivity, or were completely ineffective in aiding the health of her skin. Using her biomedical-science background and by going back to her families traditional Ghanaian roots she discovered how amazingly effective healthy, natural products could be - without the toxic effects!  Amazed by the results on her own skin, she created a comprehensive range of natural, environmentally-conscious, plant-based skincare available for all! female owned black owned uk manchester london kokoa eco beauty akosua manchester altrincham beauty salon skincare eco green vegan About Kokoa Eco Beauty We are a one-stop shop for green beauty, focusing on health, simplicity, and effectiveness!  Banishing away all; toxins, artificial chemicals, and animal by-products, our environmentally friendly skincare range delivers amazing skin care results, naturally!  Here are Kokoa, we focus on ethics, health and effectiveness. Through our 10 product skincare range, Eco Beauty Salon & Green Events, we are forging a new path in the world of eco beauty. By harnessing the power of nature, we have been able to create an effective & radiant skincare range for all. With core natural ingredients sourced from Ghana and exotic oils selected from around the world, our products are simple, high quality and effective.  natural cruelty free non toxins about

We pledge 5% of our profits (annual net) to charity.

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