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Why we use Dead Sea Salt

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Dead Sea Salt Overview

The Dead Sea has been known for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Magnesium salts, the prevalent minerals in Dead Sea water, are known to exhibit favourable effects in inflammatory diseases. 

The high grade Magnesium content is softening and soothing for dry, itchy skin. It supports natural skin healing and is suitable for use on skin prone to Eczema and Psoriasis.

Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and reduces inflammation in atopic dry skin.

The minerals have the capability in restoring moisture and enhancing intracellular water capacity due to their hygroscopic characteristics. Therefore, if absorbed into skin, they can contribute to the skin's natural moisturising factor.


Dead Sea Salt Profile


INCI: Maris Sal

Derived from:  Dead Sea salt refers to salt and other mineral deposits extracted or taken from the Dead Sea.


  • Improves skin barrier function
  • Enhances skin hydration
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Soothes dry and itchy skin