Kokoa's Carrier Oils

Carrier oils have many purposes. A carrier oil is a unscented vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts. We recommend the 3 following uses for our carrier oils!

Carrier oil uses:

* Makeup-Remover 
Rub in your chosen carrier oil in circular motions to break down makeup, including eye makeup and mascara. Then, wipe the face with a warm, wet towel. 100% natural, chemical free and effective makeup removal!

* Base for Essential Oils 
Essential oils should never be used directly onto the skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated which may cause damage to the skin. They should always be mixed with a carrier oil before putting onto the skin. (1table spoon of carrier oil for 1/2 drops of essential oil). Carrier oils help 'carry' the essential oils to the skin.

* Base for Kokoa's Exfoliator 
Mix our exfoliating scrub with your chosen carrier oil to create a wonderful hydrating base.

We offer three types of carrier oils:

* Grapeseed Carrier Oil
When our skin is low in Linoleic Acid, our skins' natural sebum becomes thick and sticky, clogging pores and creating acne. Grapeseed Oil is highly rich in Linoleic acid, making it an amazing carrier oil to use on acne prone skin!

Safflower Seed Oil
Safflower seed oil is an excellent moisturiser which works with the skin to soften and retain natural moisture.The rich Linoleic acid content helps to give an instant smooth feel to the skin. Safflower oil lubricates the skin, creating a barrier that prevents water from leaving your skin. Thus locking in moisture for glowing skin.

Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet Almond is lubricating, but not penetrating, which makes it an excellent protectant. It is also fabulous at removing dark circles and under eye bags. It is softening, revitalising and nourishing to the skin. It not only clears complexion but also imparts a warm glow to the skin. It nourishes your skin and makes it smoother and softer.