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"I believe nature holds the answer to beautiful skin, without the negative side effects of unnatural ingredients."
- Kokoa See the full Interview: HERE!

"(The Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Whip) - I love love love using this to moisturise my skin"
- Uche Check out the full video: HERE!

"I love the Coconut oil & Shea butter combined product! It is basically the above 2 products combined which works wonders for my skin. The formula is very buttery and easy to apply, my skin feels so moisturised and fresh after applying this product!"
-Desire4Beauty Check out the full review: HERE!

"I've always loved using natural products, but I've especially been loving coconut oil lately."
-Rebecca Ashley Check out the full review: HERE!

"UK-based brand Kokoa UK also does a great organic African black soap sourced directly from Ghana"
- Olivia Zao Check out the full review: HERE!


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