Kokoa's Heavy Clay Mask, kokoa uk vegan natural cruelty-free

Kokoa's Heavy Clay Mask

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Clay masks help to deeply cleanse the skin by absorbing toxins and draws out excess oils. They also help to tighten pores, skin and improve skin elasticity. 

Kokoa's Heavy Clay is for oily-combination NON-sensitive skin. It consists of 4 ingredients:

*Bentonite Clay - This clay is very rich in magnesium, and it is a popular ingredient because it has powerful healing properties. When the clay is applied to the skin, it can effectively draw out debris and bacteria from the follicle walls to improve the overall appearance and health of your skin.
*Rhassoul Clay - Rhassoul Clay can increase skin elasticity. It’s very negatively charged and most toxins in your skin are positively charged, so this clay is the perfect magnet for sopping up all those impurities—sebum plugs, blackheads, and oil around hair follicles.
*Fuller's Earth Clay - Has great skin brightening properties. This is a great oil-absorber that helps address hyperpigmentation.
* Sweet Orange Essential Oil