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African Black Soap and Bright Skin!

Skincare superstar African Black Soap has a large array of celebrity fans, from Zendaya to Beyonce, and with its long list of amazing benefits it comes as no surprise! But did you know as well as clear, soothe, nourish, and heal your skin African Black Soap can help brighten skin! Read on to find out how the wonder product works its magic to give you the glow of your dreams. 

First up, what does bright skin mean?

Bright skin is skin that appears radiant, glow-y, and largely free from uneven tone, free-radical damage, and hyperpigmentation. Bright skin is a great indicator of healthy happy skin! Skin appears brighter when dead skin cells are regularly removed, when it’s protected against pollution and free radicals, and when it is kept well nourished and hydrated.

*Reminder* Brightening your skin is NOT the same as whitening. While products designed to help brighten skin help fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation to prevent dullness WITHOUT bleaching your natural skin tone, whitening products are made to bleach skin to achieve a lighter tone and can be extremely dangerous.

What prevents us from having bright, glow-y skin?

Dead Skin Cells

Thats right, the dullness of your skin or ashy tint on your face isn’t your imagination, its dead skin cells. We shed millions of skin cells a day, a lot of which fall off naturally, but the ones that stay behind? They can prevent your skin from reflecting light, clog pores, and irritate your skin. So it’s important to cleanse regularly and cleanse well (no makeup wipes!) Opt for a double cleanse to wash away all those pesky dead skin cells, and add in exfoliation 1-2 times a week.


Air pollution

Yup, Mother Earth’s big problem is your skin’s too! Polluted air contains a host of tiny particles that create free radicals on skin. Free radicals damage collagen and stimulate pigment production over time and when your skin’s tone and texture are uneven, it diffuses light and looks dull. The solution for your skin? Cleanse thoroughly every night before bed and follow up with serums and oils (like our Night Repair Oil) that nourish and repair skin



Time to give your skin a drink. Without moisture your skin looks dull and can actually decrease in thickness! Well hydrated skin will look plumper, brighter, and more youthful so remember to stay hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and give your skin a drink too! Moisturise with our Day and Night Facial Cream and Squalane Oil for that extra hydration boost!


How does African Black Soap help?

It washes your cares (and dead skin cells) away!

The Cocoa pod ash in our African Black Soap helps to naturally exfoliate the skin, removing the build up of dead skin cells, clearing clogged pores and balancing the skins natural oils. This gentle exfoliation also helps increase blood circulation, boosting skin cell turnover and reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation to help achieve smoother tone and a natural healthy glow! Whats more a faster skin cell turnover makes it easier for your body to rid itself of dead skin cells; stopping them from clogging your pores and causing breakouts!


It gets down and dirty with your pores.

African Black Soap has natural anti-bacterial AND anti-fungal properties. In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, 91% of African Black Soap users reported that the soap helped improve their skin conditions! African Black Soap has been proven to have a high level of anti microbial activity (in a 2016 scientific study that examined how African Black Soap inhibits bacteria). This means the soap is able to effectively inhibit the growth of or destroy bacteria !


It takes your skin to hydration station! 

Now’s the Perfect Time to Treat Your Skin to the Ancient Art of Gua Sha

Our African Black Soap also has high quantities of Vitamin A, E, D, and F; great for moisturising the skin and improving texture and tone. These fabulous antioxidants come from the Shea butter in our bar. Shea butter can work to calms inflammation and irritation, soothing and hydrating the skin, helping it appear healthier and brighter!

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